This project is a joint endeavor with Emily Sharp in an exploration of standardizing US state IDs into an overarching federal system as well as revising current voting systems. We created a visual system that is used in both parts of our solutions to indicate the seamless relationship the US government would have with each asset.
This is a quick preview of the voter registration site being worked on by my partner, Emily Sharp. These gifs include first time user registration, guest user access, and the actual voting process. 
Above: This is an example of what goes into an ID for security and printing.
Below: With each ID's layout being standardized by the federal government, the states get to personalize their singular IDs with an icon that best represents their state. Other icons included on the IDs would be permits ID holders would have.

In the ideal system, every 5 years a person over 21 updates their ID and permits. People who turned 18 must update their ID by 21, and minors under 18 update their ID yearly. Icons can change within those times and the scan code on the back of the ID reflects those changes if it happens before the ID is updated.
My work addresses making all IDs consistent in layout and usage across the US. Each ID's color indicates a different region of the US. I show a sampling of 10 IDs - one from every region of the US + Territories.
ID cards are mailed in a color coded envelope by region as well. Mailers indicate specific differences in the new ID from the past one and has personalized content for the recipient.
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